Currency Exchange Rate in PHP

We might sometime need to deal with multiple type of currencies when developing e-commerce website. Multiple type of currencies mean we have to take care and get updated currency exchange rate to correctly fix the price of any product. In PHP, we can easily make use of Yahoo Finance to generate currency exchange rate.


// $from => Currency to convert from
// $to   => Currency to convert to
function get_exchange_rate ($from, $to){
    $currency = [ "from" => $from, "to" => $to ];
    $ticker = $currency["from"] . $currency["to"] . "=X";

    // Retrieve data from Yahoo Finance
    $open = fopen("$ticker&f=sl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv", "r");
    $exchange_rate = fread($open, 2000);
    $exchange_rate = str_replace("\"", "", $exchange_rate);
    $exchange_rate = explode(",", $exchange_rate);

    // return exchange rate
    return $exchange_rate;

$rate_USD_SGD = get_exchange_rate("USD", "SGD");



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