Glassfish Quickstart


  1. Install Oracle Java 6 or 7. Follow this link for quick install
  2. Download glassfish from

Install unzip in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get unzip

Unzip glassfish:

sudo unzip glassfish-4.0 zip

Change directory to glassfish directory:

cd glassfish4/bin

To start domain:

./asadmin start-domain

To use admin console, secure admin must be enabled. Admin must be changed to enable secure admin:

./asadmin change-admin-password
# Default password for admin is blank ("") ; Then enter new password for admin user.
./asadmin enable-secure-admin
# Enter admin for the username, then the password set.

To stop domain:

./asadmin stop-domain

To deploy application through console:

./asadmin deploy APP-LOCATION

To undeploy application:

./asadmin undeploy APP-NAME

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